How to Ensure Directional Control Valve Reliability in Extreme Environments

Screen Shot 2019-12-17 at 11.48.40 AMDirectional control valve reliability is critical in any heavy industrial application. Selecting the right valve equipped appropriate options may be the most critical decision you’ll make regarding whether you will have failure, downtime, or breakdowns, along with their possible implications ranging from business interruption, to an environmental catastrophe, or even loss of life.

When selecting a valve, the internal and external operational environments are among the most important considerations in order to avoid reliability issues and failure. This paper provides advice on how best to address common environmental considerations when selecting directional control valves for heavy industrial applications.

This white paper covers: 

  • Environmental Concerns Affecting Directional Control Valve Reliability
  • Key Considerations for Selecting Directional Control Valves for Harsh Environments
  • How to Optimize Reliability by Eliminating the Common Types of Failure

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